Hi, I 'm Sonal

Intuitive Holistic Counsellor
and Founder of Magical Phoenix

Welcome to my page!

I take great pleasure in sharing my journey so far with you. I hope you will embrace it with the simplicity and clarity that is meant to be...


I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a beautiful multi-cultural environment for last 23 years. I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai), India and obtain my post graduate degree from University of Mumbai. I am well read and hold several professional certifications to my credit mostly obtained after moving here. You are in safe hands indeed.

I am single mom, have an awesome daughter and a very caring mother living with me. We are a loving trio of 3 generations. My maternal grandmother was very gifted and though I was aware of my intuitive and healing quality… Hmmm… I only did pay attention to it after receiving some serious jolts in my life. So, my journey was a roller coaster ride with deep personal losses and while I have smoothly sailed out of it today due to my determination and blessings of my elders, it has led me to delve deep into my Life Purpose.


Apart from my personal observations, I had several friends and family through their interaction with me, believed that I have the ability to see the light, to make peace, to calm ruffled nerves, to be kind, to turn the bleakest situation into a positive and fulfilling experience. My testimonials will endorse my words. So here I am...

Consciously, over the last few years, I have been working on developing this ability with meditation, music, prayer, Chakras balancing, Aura reading, Tarot cards and Angel oracle cards. I have recently extended this to include Astrology, Numerology, Healing Art and Vastu Shastra. Yes, I am definitely your One-Stop-Shop for enhancing your life!


The universe and angelic realms speak to us at all times in simple or subtle signs, and all we need to do is “Be open to receive”. The platform of Magical Phoenix will enable me on a personal level, to touch lives of people around me in the most positive manner and eventually extend this to all.

Like little rain drops that fill an ocean, I believe that a little good goes a long way…


I believe in blending my intuitive capabilities with a rational and practical approach that works in today’s world. This has turned out to be a power packed combination, specially while providing solutions to my Clients after analyzing all aspects of their query and empowering them with choices to make smart decisions for themselves.

While I use kind vocabulary, do not expect a merry-go-round ride when you talk to me… Ha Ha Ha… and vice versa, I urge you to be open about your queries to give you the maximum clarity and possibilities!


You like what you read… You want some clear answers… Take that First Baby Step...

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Thank you so much for visiting my page!

May God and this Universe bless you with an abundance of love and light always!