Cookies Policy and terms of use:

  •  Date protection at IDB Mobile Technology (IDB Mobile in further text)
    IDB Mobile confirms the protection of your privacy and anonymity at the highest level. IDB Mobile may collect personal information such as your name, telephone number, residential address, or e-mail address, but only if you choose to provide it voluntarily. IDB Mobile will only use your data to better understand certain requirements and needs of the website users. IDB Mobile undertakes not to pass on your data to a third party without your prior consent.
    As a company, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all those with whom we interact and will process personal information following the Data Protection Act.
  • Information collected on this page
    We collect information about you if you use any of the interactive features within the website that relate to a personal response or if you ask us to answer your questions. All information we collect at that time is limited to the important details that would help you. This does not mean that we collect data of a sensitive nature, whether it is data on health, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and religious or political beliefs.
  • Data discovery and sharing
    We do not rent or sell to third parties information that could be used for personal identification. We may disclose personal information for the purpose of a legal process, such as a court order and in situations where we believe it is necessary to investigate and take or prevent action against illegal activities, also when required by law. Our associates and agents may have access to your information so that they can perform tasks for us.
  • Saving personal information
    We are determined to keep your personal information safe and for no longer than necessary. Sometimes it will be necessary to ask a third-party service provider to help us manage the information system. Some of the systems could be located in countries outside the state. We will only transfer your information when all the rules of the Data Protection Act have been met.
  • Protected data
    The information we may ask of you that may be protected is:
    • Name and surname
    • Telephone number
    • Residential address
    • Email address
  • You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time via email: after which we will no longer use your personal data, which Idbmobile may use for internal data processing.
  • Data collected
    All collected data will be used exclusively for:
    • Clear answers to the query
    • Internal statistical data processing
  • If you provide us with your information through the above methods of communication, you give your consent that we can contact you for the above cases. If you do not want us to contact you, you need to let us know in writing.
  • Children's privacy
    We do not actively collect information about children under the age of 12, just as we do not create interest segments aimed at targeting the interests of children. If you are not sure how protected the privacy of your children is or you suspect that your child has left their data on our site, please contact us at the e-mail address:
  • Review and verification:
    IDB Mobile may update this Policy if necessary to reflect the best practices and to ensure compliance with any changes or modifications with respect to personal data protection.
  • Consent
    By completing the forms on magicalphoenix, you warrant that the information you have left is valid and authorized to dispose of this information and that you are legally capable and that you agree that IDB Mobile collects and uses the information in accordance with our privacy policy terms and conditions.
  • Cookies
    The website magicalphoenix uses cookies to ensure that each user has a better user experience. Cookies means a set of data generated by the page server and the web page browser stored on disk in the form of a text file.
    The cookie is placed on the computer of the user of the website magicalphoenix only during the visit to the site, thus enabling the user to make the best use of the website, which expires as soon as the user closes the browser. You can regulate the receipt of cookies with the help of the settings on the web browser, and if you use magicalphoenix, it means that you agree to the terms of use of the site at any time.
    The website magicalphoenix uses Google Analytics for the purpose of successful monitoring by many users.
  • Terms of use
    If you use the website magicalphoenix, it means that you accept all risks that may arise from using this site and that you use the content from the site at your own risk and for personal use. Idbmobile disclaims all liability that may arise in any way or in connection with the use of this site and for any damage that may be caused to the user, and that is associated with the use of the content of the website.
    If you use the site magicalphoenix, it is considered that you agree and are familiar with the stated terms of use at any time. We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time and without prior notice.