Magical Phoenix offers a variety of online and in-person services including Tarot and Angel readings, Astrology and Numerology reports with analysis and remedies, Chakra balancing sessions, Healing Art through Painting workshop and Vastu shastra consultations. We will soon start our online workshop for learning Tarot card reading.

Magical Phoenix was launched in January 2017 and has serviced clients worldwide.

Tarot and Angel card readings are a great tool for making choices and manifesting goals in your life. Tarot analyzes complex situations from all angles providing many different perspectives. It is the key to our inner self and mirrors your soul by reflecting your thoughts and feelings through the cards. Angels provide us with loving affirmations, their messages are always positive. Guidance from angels will melt away fears, illuminate your path and nurture your deep soul. Readings facilitate healing and transformation from within that will empower yourself.