All Healing Crystals

Crystals are pure energy form, atoms and molecules bonded together, minerals that are an ever-growing matter. It is their purity that makes them perfect medium for healing, chakra balancing and holistic use since ancient times. Magical properties of each crystal provide unique healing to mind, body and soul; and they are used in various forms for personal use like jewelry or decorative objects at home and workplace like lamps and so much more.

Apart from Crystals, Magical Phoenix offers a variety of other products that support self-care, sound health and spiritual growth, celebration boxes, festival boxes, etc., related to our services and readily available on our platform to benefit our users.

Each product is genuine; they are carefully checked, selected, energized and shipped with love and utmost care. They come with instructions of use, maintenance or as may be necessary for each product.

Some items, especially crystals, may not have a price since they are sold as ‘unique sizes that are customized or selected’ for the buyer. In such case, kindly send your query to Magical Phoenix by filling the Contact Form for a Free Consultation. We will share real images for the product and give you a quotation.

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Opens Crown Chakra - Gentle yet strongest healing crystal – provide clarity, meditation, regulate, store or amplify energies, stimulate immune system, release anxiety, soothe heart, and balance all chakras in the body.


Opens Crown Chakra – negate internal or external stress and anger, enhance tenderness, open-mindedness, absorb negative energy, reduces insomnia, balance an over active mind, calcium in the body and heal teeth, bones and soft tissue.