I hope by now you have read all about me and the Services I offer on this beautiful user-friendly platform of Magical Phoenix 😊. Despite the beauty of Online Services, whether it's a fun-filled event, a consultation or a therapy, nothing can beat personal interaction and my magical touch


Tarot for Fun at a party

Make your event memorable and unique, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, anniversary or any festive occasion… Free flowing session with your guests to get their quick 1 or 3 card readings and 1 card Angel messages from the best in town!!!

Personalized Tarot & Angel Card Session

If you don’t know where to start with Tarot, contact me to discuss your query. You can then either chose from a variety of readings offered online, or customize your Reading based on your requirements. I like to keep it simple and will suggest what is best for you!!!

Customized Astrology – Planets & Forecast

This is best if you are one of those clients who like to ask questions. In addition to a detailed report with recommendations, you will receive your Annual Horoscope and 3 questions of your choice answered!!!

Customized Numbers & More Numerology

This consultation covers all about Your Name and Numbers. In addition to a detailed report with Name Analysis, you will receive your Annual Numeroscope prediction and 3 questions of your choice answered!!!

Premium Astro - Numero package

This is for you if you want to cover all aspects of your life with the Astro-Numero power-packed combination. You will receive a detailed Report, your Annual Horoscope and Numeroscope. This is the best of both worlds and 3 questions of your choice answered!!!

Customized Crystal Chakra Healing Session

You can request for this if you are constantly feeling fatigued, lost, confused, angry or not able to focus on your life. A quick crystal chakra cleansing may do the job, or you may require multiple sessions!!!

Healing Art Session – Corporate Team Building or Family Bonding activity

No area of our lives is stress free in today’s world. Colors will not only destress your team or family & friends but also bond them in a fun filled environment with this special customized painting session. Watercolors or Acrylics with brush or finger-painting… it’s all here for you!!!

Personalized Vastu Shastra for Home & Office

Have you noticed how Spatial arrangements can either make you at ease, or extremely stuffy and gloomy? Every element of your Home and Office can affect not only your Moods, but also your Planets and Future Aspects of your life… Get your home & office Vastu Shastra compliant with simple remedies to ensure success and harmony!!!

My consultation is grounded and logical. I am generous at sharing my knowledge if you approach me with an open mind. Select an appropriate reading or consultation, so you do not feel rushed during our appointment. I summarize the consultation at the end and have a multi-dimensional approach to any problem that will assist you to make great choices in your life. If you still have any questions, or want to customize your consultation, fill the Contact Form here… hope to see you soon!!!