Anyone can read Tarot, yes!

Let’s do this journey together… and live life king-size with the power of intuition… So Be It…

If you believe that life is ‘A STORY’, your story, my story…. our story, then Tarot is for you!

Tarot is a pseudoscience that we know exists in all reality… Universal life force that dominates all the aspects of our life, where we interact with each other and all elements on a transcendental level.

We receive hints, messages from within that are so accurate; and while we may sometimes ignore them, they are never wrong!!! Tarot is a ‘medium’ to interpret those messages either for Self or for Others.

A 78 card Tarot deck comprises of 22 Major Arcana cards that represent spiritual and karmic lessons; and 56 Minor Arcana cards that represent daily life situations and experiences. Within the Minor Arcana cards are cards that represent different personality traits that we express from time to time, numbers and elements of nature.

When I first decided to learn Tarot and saw 78 cards in the deck, believe me… I was worried too. I had a hundred questions in my mind… How will I memorize them, what if I mix up the meanings, what if I don’t remember the meaning during the reading, and such…

There is nothing to panic, as you do not need to memorize these cards word by word or element by element. No special gift, no fortune-telling power and no previous experience is required to use Tarot in your daily life.


All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps…

Once you enrol, the steps laid out in these terrific classes will make you a TAROT PRO.

What will you learn?

Tarot Card Meanings

Symbolism in cards

Astrological association of cards

Numerological association of cards

How to prepare for Readings?

How to do your Own Readings?

Basic Tarot Spreads

How to choose the Right Tarot Spread?

How to interpret individual cards and in combination?

How to summarize your reading?

Daily practise tips.

Benefits of learning with Magical Phoenix:

will help you choose your first Tarot Deck.

I will give you tips to boost your confidence and connect to the cards.

During the entire course comprising of 11 lessons, I will support and clarify any doubts you have regarding the content.

You will join Magical Phoenix on Instagram and Facebook that will open the doors to access like minded people and other tarot students or readers worldwide.

Even after your course, I will answer your queries regarding the content or doubts on a lesson.


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Please note additional information prior to enrolment:

1. This is an introductory offer on our newly launched website, and is subject to change without prior notice.

2. Sessions will be a mix of video tutorial and live on Zoom; study material will be shared via email.

3. We have weekdays (2 days per week) and weekend (2 days per week) batch options. It is a 4-week course.

4. Time zone for the sessions is Gulf Standard Time - Abu Dhabi (GMT+4) at 7pm and will last up to an hour each.

5. In an unfortunate event that the batch options are not suitable for you, no questions asked, the amount will be refunded in full.