Learn how you can meditate and balance your Chakras through these 8 Painting sessions with watercolors or acrylics. Use colors for your wellness because it is a proven fact that if you engage in a creative activity regularly, you have less chance of developing Alzheimer's and dementia...

Price - ₹ 61999

Details and Benefits of Life Transforming Healing Art Painting Workshop

    • Painting with Watercolors or Acrylics using simple formats and ideas.
    • What is a Chakra and 7 Chakras?
    • How is each Chakra related to your mind, body and spirit?
    • Which 7 colors and 7 days of the week are related to the Chakras?
    • 7 Levels of Human development and Consciousness.
    • 7 Life Processes.
    • Benefits of Meditation, boosting your memory function and sharpening your mind.
    • Self-Awareness through mindfulness.


Additional information:

    • Open to all above age of 15 years.
    • No artistic skill required as it is a guided paint session.
    • 1 session per Chakra (7 sessions) plus 1 session for summarizing the lessons learnt. Total of 8 sessions.
    • Written material and audios will be shared for effective learning.
    • Certificate will be provided for each participant upon successfully completing all activities outlined within the workshop.
    • Evening or weekend batches available.
    • Customized sessions for individuals or groups are available.

Materials required:

    • A3 size drawing paper 1 sheet.
    • Watercolors or Acrylic paints.
    • Brushes and mixing palate or plate.
    • Jumbo Crayons are optional.

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