Numerology is the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. It draws meaning, purpose and guidance from numbers and their combinations. For example: your birth date, name number, phone number, address, business name number are all inter-linked, have individual energies or vibrations and can have profound impact on your life. The most popular and ancient system was developed by Chaldean and is also inspired by Vedic Astrology. Numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside Astrology, Tarot and similar divinatory arts.

A Life Path number is a single digit from 1-9, or an exception of double-digit master numbers 11, 22 and 33. It is like a Sun sign in Astrology and provides in-depth information about your challenges, personality, opportunities, and natural characteristics including your weaknesses. The information empowers you to make right choices, overcome obstacles and evolve spiritually during your unique life journey.

Karmic debt number is like an additional load from past life given to an individual during his rebirth in this new lifetime. Carrying past life karma can be heavy and depressing. This is identified while calculating the Life Path number. If your Life Path number happens to be 1, 4, 5, or 7, there is a chance that the double-digit number from which your Life Path is derived has a Karmic Debt associated with it. The four Karmic Debt Numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. Knowing your Karmic Debt i.e. the type of experience that you have to go through in this lifetime and or how long, gives you an opportunity to resolve them by conscious thought, action, forgiveness and spiritual healing. This is a very important aspect of Personal Numerology reading.

Find out if your NAME is lucky for you! As each alphabet has a number assigned to them as per the Chaldean system, there are 3 important elements to Name numerology:

First, full name number total referred to as Destiny or Expression number. It describes who you are and what you can become! It reveals your life purpose.

Second, Vowels number total referred to as Heart’s desire or Soul Urge number. It describes your inner desires, likesor dislikes and inner potentials that you may keep to yourself.

Third, Consonants number total referred to as Dream or Personality number. It describes what and how others perceive you. Your outer personality or first impression may be quite different from your inner soul.

Often it is easier to alter the name of a person to make it more compatible or favorable with the person’s Life Path number, since the birthdate cannot be changed and is pre-determined by destiny.

Like personal numerology, choosing a business name can spell immense success or losses for you in your business endeavor. An attractive name with positive vibrations can be a great formula for marketing and success. You can know whether the business flow is upwards or downwards. It is determined after evaluating the name and birthdate of the founder or their partners.

Whether it is love, marriage, sibling, colleague, or business partner; compatibility between the partners lays the foundation of the longevity and success of the relationship! It identifies various characteristic similarities and differences, and possible causes for differences. Knowing what to expect can provide clarity and manage expectations with your partner. Compatibility is determined by evaluating Life Path numbers of individuals in the pairing.

Magical Phoenix provides comprehensive study reports in Numerology of your choice. While basic calculators and software is used, there is in-depth personal evaluation of every possible aspect. Reports include probabilities of the outcomes and suggestive remedies like lucky numbers, gemstones, rudraksha, yantra, puja or Lal-Kitab remedies as per request.



This detailed report covers all aspects of numerology study for an individual including Root, Life Path or Destiny, Expression, Birthday, Karmic debt, Heart’s desire and Hidden Passion numbers...


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Select this to learn more about your love, marriage, sibling, colleague, or business partner; compatibility between the partners lays the foundation of the longevity and success of the relationship...


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This report will give you month-by-month Numerological Prediction based on your Date of Birth for the whole Year. Stay ahead of your game to create a positive energy around you by taking simple suggestions into consideration...


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