45 minutes session with an aim to promote overall wellness in mind, body and spirit. Balancing your Chakras using 7 different crystals, including a cup of magical herbal tea and soothing ambience during the...

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Positive affirmations and messages from Angels have the ability to work magic into our lives. Their protection and compassion help to sooth frizzled minds.

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  • Option 1 - 3 card Angel reading for Body/Mind/Spirit or Past/Present/Future.
  • Option 2 - 5 card Angel reading to identify hurdles or learn about an important even or situation in your life.
  • Option 3 – 7 card Angel reading to guide you on your health, wealth, love, family, career, life purpose and divine empowering guidance.

Most persons who are going through a difficult time find comfort, reassuring support and peace of mind upon receiving an Angel reading.

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I have just purchased a report, What happens next? Click Here