Tarot is a pack of 78 playing cards, used from mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games. It evolved over years and is widely used nowadays as a tool for spiritual guidance and inner wisdom. The deck has 22 Major Arcana cards that represent spiritual and karmic lessons and 56 Minor Arcana cards that represent daily life situations and experiences. Within the Minor Arcana cards are cards that represent different personality traits that we express from time to time, numbers and elements of nature.

Tarot card reading is the practice of using the tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards. A reading combines interpreting this imagery on the cards with the reader’s intuitive capabilities of connecting the dots to know more about a particular situation. The cards provide an instant connection to the subconscious mind and helps us to make the subconscious “Conscious”. Being aware of the probabilities now empowers you to make the right choices for your personal growth, emotional wellbeing, and mental strength, all of which lead to a happy successful life!

Anyone can learn to use Tarot… Yes… it can be used for SELF and for Others! You do not need psychic ability to learn tarot. You need to know the basic card meanings, maintain regular practice and learn to connect with the cards using visualization and intuition. We are all one and can tap into collective universal wisdom through our intuition. Tarot is a great personal guide.
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Angels are supernatural beings in various religions and mythologies. The word ‘Angel’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Angelos’ meaning ‘Messenger. They are depicted as benevolent celestial intermediaries between God (or Heaven) and humanity with no time and space restraint. Other roles include protectors and guides for humans. There are over 400 million angels, however, 12 Archangels (Angels of high rank) are associated with the 12 Zodiac signs linked with the 12 constellations that we are born under. Angels are a part of our history regardless of the religion or belief system. When we are born, we chose our parents and our star sign that is most suitable for learning our life lessons and personal spiritual growth. Additionally, each person has their own Guardian Angel as well whom we can call upon to guide us, protect us through prayer or meditation.

Angel card reading is similar to Tarot card reading and yet quite distinct. This is a divination or an oracle deck consisting of 44 or more cards, as each deck is unique. The cards access energies of angelic beings that want only to love, care for and protect humanity. There are several Angel card decks depicting these Angels that have infinite compassion for human beings. Angel messages provide us with spiritual guidance, inner wisdom, healing, encouragement, and positive affirmations. It provides clarity of thoughts and helps to soothe our minds.

Everyone can connect to the Angels without any exception. You need to set an intention and connect with them via meditation or prayer. That’s why they say, believe in your heart, genuine prayers will always be answered, and our Angels are always looking upon us to bless and protect us. You need to give them permission to do so!

Experienced Intuitive readers often combine Tarot and Angel cards in their readings. At Magical Phoenix, you have an option to select your Angel card reading along with any Tarot card reading. A timely positive message from your Angel can go a long way to empower you to face your challenges!

There is no right or wrong reading! As per the synchronicities in our lives, destiny, unique life purpose of each individual, collective consciousness within the Universe, energies and vibrations around you, you will draw the right cards at the right time. It is the interpretation of these cards that is crucial and rarely the answers may not immediately connect with you. Later when the situation has passed, you may realize the answer was right there, in front of you. So, keeping an open mind during the reading will give you a wider perspective to your query.



For a quick answer on any life choices, this spread is perfect. If you are indecisive, confused and want basic clarity and understanding of choices...


It will help you understand a situation, event, direction, or nature of the problem in more detail. It focuses on the current status and outcome at the same time...


It will provide you clarity on any subject! Love, Job, Partnership, or a Situation that is creating an obstacle in your path. You can examine all aspects of it in good depth, providing you the whole picture...


It will provide you an in-depth analysis of your seven chakras, where they are at and what needs to be done further to balance them. Each chakra controls an important aspect of your physical health and emotional well-being...


To-do or Not-to-do is often the most perplexing question we face, especially when it comes to LOVE. You will understand in depth about past, present and future aspects of your relationship with your Ex-Lover...


Long-standing relationships with a lover or a committed marriage can face doldrums or unexpected turn of events. Learn more about the circumstances involving you both and where the relationship is headed...


Understand dynamics at your workplace regarding your JOB or circumstances of your Unemployment. Realize what can change your situation and the future outcome...


Positive affirmations and messages from Angels have the ability to work magic into our lives. Their protection and compassion help to sooth frizzled minds...


ONLINE personal consultation with Sonal Kapadia that involves analyzing multiple queries customized as per YOUR REQUIREMENTS in relation to Love, Education, Career, Finance, Health, Relocation to a new place...

ADDITIONAL READINGS available on request: Annual Horoscope, Dream Interpretations, Past Life and Expectations. The reader is able to support Clients with variety of readings and it is not possible to list all of them here. Click HERE to contact the reader for special readings...


  • "I am glad to share my experience of Tarot reading with Sonal. To begin with she is a wonderful listener, she started the session in a calm environment and patiently listened to my queries. She gave very unbiased and clear interpretations from the reading. Her approach is logical and easy to understand. She suggested a variety of solutions and in the end properly summarized the session. I felt relaxed and reassured about my decisions and the clarity towards my goals. Looking forward to more sessions....
    All the best to Sonal ❤...."

    - Dipti Sinha, UAE

  • "Amazing session with Sonal! Her skills as a tarot card reader and her being a therapist is the best combination we can have. This session gave me a direction and cleared my mind of worries. Would definitely be coming back, more so because loved talking to her!!!"

    - VB, UAE

  • "I had my first reading and she explained very well and suggested very well. Everything was very true and practical. I would recommend her. Thank you so much for your time and letting me know."

    - Priti Gowda, India

  • "Sonal did a long-distance tarot reading via What's app. It was amazing how her reading was to the mark. She provided new insights into my career and personal life. She is very easy to talk to and is able to decipher the core issues accurately."

    - Anand Raicha, India

  • "I had the pleasure to consult Sonal on 3 important aspects of my life, her tarot readings guided me to resolve all of them with ease. In my career, I was acknowledged with due respect. I was able to find a positive, vibrant house that was perfect for my family. Sonal's Chakra balancing jewelry infused with her positive vibes and prayers made me feel balanced, healthy. I keep it on me at all times. I will happily vouch for her consultation skills that she executes with empathy, care and respect."

    - Vijay Gaikwad, UAE

  • "I liked the way Sonal heard my concerns with care and patience. She suggested how to do Chakra Cleansing and by doing that I really felt peaceful and balanced. Her positive vibes are contagious."

    - Soma Banerjee, UAE

  • "Sonal provided me a long distance Tarot reading and I was delighted by the experience. She was accurate and able to provide clear advice in a reassuring, calm manner. Sonal is a very good listener and easy to talk with, making the consulting experience very fulfilling. I highly recommend Sonal and will be returning for more consultations with her!"

    - Hari Menon, Singapore

  • "Consultation with Sonal was very fulfilling. With her Tarot advice, I was able to deal with my relative who cheated us. The result was positive and my mind did not waver while speaking to my relative. She is a good listener. Her intuitive capabilities combined with her rational approach provided me with an unique way forward. I was very impressed and am happy to recommend her services."

    - P. J. UAE