Vastu shastra means “science of architecture". It is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India. Texts from the Indian subcontinent describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry that are applied to homes, gardens, waterworks, temples, shops and offices for ushering universal positive energies and minimizing negative energies, thereby leading to success and growth.

A building that is made according to the rules of Vastu Shastra will give the inhabitants peace, health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It promotes gradual development in their kid’s education, improve their business and reputation. Vastu shastra is not essential for living, but it is a science of environment that you live in. The energies generating in your homes or offices, will be dominant within you consciously or subconsciously and hence, it is important to surround yourself with positive vibrations at all times.

In today’s world, most of the houses are constructed or designed by contractors as per their plot sizes and building permits. However, there are some basic Vastu rules that can still be complied with during the purchase of an apartment, office or villa. For example, prior to purchase of a new apartment, you can check the direction of the main entry plus the placement of rooms and toilets within to verify if this apartment has positive vibrations and flow of energies.

In most cases, minor modifications in placements, proper use of colors on walls and remedies such as placing of crystals or lucky charms can resolve Vastu dosh i.e. faults. When decorating an apartment or office, circulation of air, decluttering, presence of sunlight, colors and placements of furniture are some of the many elements that are considered during Vastu planning.

If you are planning to construct a villa or a building, you can apply Vastu principles from the start. It will make your villa more attractive, positive and for a building you will also increase sales!

Vastu Shastra takes into account the factors influencing a Premise such as topography, roads, surrounding structures, the Sun's effects, Earth's magnetic field, Earth's energy fields, the cardinal directions and Nature's elements. It is very ancient science based on logic. It is only due to superstition and lack of information that puts this priceless gift in question.

Vastu Shastra originated in ancient India unifying art, science, astronomy and astrology to balance flow of universal energy i.e. “Prana” meaning “Life”. Although this is the oldest and scientific technique, similar principles are followed by others in their own local traditions. For example, “Feng Shui” meaning “wind water” is a traditional ancient Chinese practice that aims at creating universal “energy” or “chi” balance within living spaces and working environment.

Magical Phoenix can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your home or office spatial arrangements and dominant energies. Consultation includes recommendations and/or remedies in a logical and practical manner that should generally be easy to implement. You will benefit from the multi-dimensional approach taken by Magical Phoenix due to experience in Tarot and Angel Card reading, Numerology and Astrology. One-stop-shop for all services that will definitely lead to success, growth and happiness!



Involves in-depth analysis of your home or office spatial arrangements and dominant energies. How balancing the five elements 'Panchbhootas' i.e. earth, fire, water, sky and space bring in universal positive energies...


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